A strange new adventure

3 Jun

I recently embarked on a new adventure.  One that I wasn’t quite prepared for and didn’t know how I’d react to.  But I was prepared.  I had my backpacking gear.  I would survive.

When I arrived at the trailhead, I knew things were going to be much different than what I was used to.

Unfortunately, my map was useless, and I relied on the natives for guidance.

I found my destination.  I set up camp for the night.


The trailhead.

The tent I was to use was rather strange.  Certainly no one carried this here.  It did have plenty of room and it was very secure and offered excellent protection from the elements.  Additionally, there was a plentiful source of clean water, and even a hot spring, so that I could bath.


The tent.

I was starved, so I cooked dinner.  The stove was quick to boil water, but it isn’t what I would call ultralight.

Cooking gear

Cooking gear

The creatures I encountered were by far the most strange.  Soft yet sharp, cuddly yet obnoxious at times, needy but soothing.  They also required food, but again, I was prepared.



OK, OK. I can’t keep a straight face.  This is my way of telling you that I have moved (and don’t yet have my stuff )!  I have a job in central Florida for the next two years.  I am a bit distraught about living in Florida, and its lack of mountains.  I don’t really know what to do with myself.  I miss New Mexico deeply, but if anyone wants to buy a house in the middle Rio Grande valley, by all means let me know.

I suppose I’ll be hiking on vacations now, and posting more about kayaking.  There is a Florida Trail, which spans the state from north to south, but I can’t fathom hiking on it at the moment.  We’ll see.  I’m a city girl now.  I’ll survive.

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One Response to “A strange new adventure”

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